Reverse Chops

A trick more commonly seen performed with balls, but which produces an unusual and quite pleasant effect when clubs are used instead.

When done with balls this trick is the exact reverse of ordinary chops - if you filmed someone doing chops and then played the tape backwards, you would see them doing reverse chops, and vice versa. This is also the case when the trick is done with clubs, as long as you remember to reverse the spins as well. Using reverse spins, however, will make this trick a lot harder, and I shouldn't think that it looks any better done this way - just use normal spins.


The clubs should be caught near to the bottom of the handles, to make the 'takeout' action easier, and also to make the trick larger and more visual.

Try going into this trick from a reverse cascade - it makes the first few reverse chops you do much easier. Before doing this, try to angle the clubs in the pattern away from the direction of the throw, this means that when you start the trick the clubs are already angled correctly:


Note that after the club is released again it should point outwards slightly, so that it is at the right angle either to be incorporated into a reverse cascade, or to be reverse chopped back by the other hand.

Remember that each club which gets reverse chopped must be carried over another club, so make a large high arc. You shouldn't need to use any upper arm movement in this trick, it's all done from the elbow, with the forearm pointing more or less in the same direction as the club during the trick. Keep your wrists rigid as well during the learning stages, to make things simpler. If you wish, you can add a wrist action once you can do the trick, to give it a more chops-like appearance, however at first you should imagine that your forearm, hand and club are fixed to a straight rod which can be swung from the elbow, but not bent.

Reverse chops mix very nicely with ordinary chops, and also with wrist circles.