Flat on the head

In this trick clubs are placed on the head from one side and they roll or drop off on the other, just the same as in the ball trick described previously. The clubs are put on the head as shown, handle at the front:


Hold the club in the centre rather than on the handle when putting it on your head. If you want it to fall off quickly then place the club just over your forehead so that it can slide off, or tilt your head to one side. To delay the trick a little, put the club dead centre on the flattest part of your head and it will take longer to come down, it is even possible to balance the club in this position to create a pause in your juggling.

A nice variation on this trick involves 2 of the clubs being juggled in the normal fashion whilst the third is put on the head each time rather than being thrown. The hands take turns replacing the club, which you should eventually be able to keep on top of your head throughout the trick with the hands catching it before it comes off.

It is also possible to keep the club motionless on top of your head whilst you do a full or half pirouette underneath it.