Head, Armpit, Legs

This trick involves the clubs moving about between the 3 positions mentioned: flat on top of the head, in the armpit, and between the legs:

  1. From a cascade catch a club with the right hand and put it between your legs, handle at the front.
  2. The next catch (with the left hand) should be placed on top of the head and held there for a moment so that the left arm is raised.
  3. Place the third club in your exposed armpit with the right hand.
  4. Now bring your left arm down from your head, leaving the club up there, and trap the club in your armpit.
  5. The club on your head should drop off to the right and be caught in the right hand.
  6. Reach down with your left hand and pull out the club from between your legs, throwing it over to the right with a single spin.
  7. Throw the club which is already in your right hand over to the left and just before it arrives there pull out the club under your left arm with your left hand and throw it to the right.

At the end of this sequence you can either continue with the cascade or repeat the trick by placing the right hand club between your legs, if you do this there should be 3 cascade throws in between each repetition of the trick .

Although the above explanation may seem a bit wordy and complicated, the trick itself is quite simple and it has the advantage of having several points at which you can stop to check what comes next.