This trick is perfect for anyone who wants to incorporate a bit of slap-stick humour into a performance. While juggling a normal cascade, use one of the clubs held in your hand to strike yourself in the head, Three Stooges style.

The best timing to use is to start the hitting action as early as possible, preferably the moment you catch the club, to give yourself the most time - in this way it is possible to hit the head with every club from both sides. You don't have to do anything special to be able to fit this into a cascade, the movement is so quick that you can do it in the time in which the club would be in your hand anyway, between the catch and the throw.

It can help to reduce the injuries somewhat if you move you head towards the side where the next strike will be coming from, thereby enabling you to make shorter, and so more accurate blows. Another tip is to hold the clubs near the centre, rather than swinging from the end of the handle, in order to make the strike more controllable. This trick is always good at children's parties if, God help you, you ever have to do any.