The Dentist

You're bound to gnaw through a few club handles whilst learning this one. A club is placed in the mouth and is then struck by one of the other clubs, sending it up into the air:


It is possible to just put the club straight into your mouth from a cascade but the speed and accuracy needed for this make it quite tricky. An easier tactic at first is to do 2 in 1 hand for a short time with the other hand while you are putting it in place.

It can be difficult to judge when exactly to open your mouth as you hit the club out, and it can be painful if you get it wrong, so some people prefer to just give the club a push rather than actually hitting it. It is important to lean your head right back, otherwise the club (the wet one) will go too far forward. I'm sure you could do this trick on every throw, you would have to put the 'hitting' club into your mouth after each hit and it might be quite fast. I'm waiting for someone else to try it first.