The Basic Kickup

This is the method that most jugglers use, most of the time, to retrieve a club lying on the floor. The first thing to do is to manoeuvre the club around on the floor so that it is in the correct position to be rolled up onto your foot. The club should be pointing along the body plane, with the handle inwards. Now, using the opposite foot, roll the club up so that it looks something like this:


Your heel should be on the floor, and your foot bent back to minimise the angle between your foot and your shin. Your shin should be touching the club handle near to the knob, and you should turn your foot outwards slightly so that your little toe also touches the club. During the kick-up your upper leg only moves a little, it is your knee that does the work. To lift up the club bend your knee so that your foot goes out to the side and back, lead the motion with your heel.


A good way of learning this trick is to go through it in slow motion, all the time trying to keep the club on your foot. If you manage to lift your foot up to knee height without the club falling off then you are doing it correctly. The club is kept in place because the end of the handle and the knob hook underneath the shin and support the weight of its body.

When the club leaves your foot it should flip over once before it is caught. In the early stages however the spin is not as important as the catch.

Once the kick-up has been mastered on its own, try it while holding the other two clubs and go straight into a cascade.