Kick-Up Shower

If you can do drop kick-ups continuously with one hand, then you are ready to try this nice looking trick. Hold the catching hand about 10-12 inches directly above the dropping hand. To get the clubs from the catching to the dropping hand, you can now simply drop each one straight down, rather than doing cascade throws across your body as before. Both hands release their clubs simultaneously, and if you ensure that they are pointing parallel to each other before you let go, then a nice effect is created with the clubs staying the same distance apart as they fall. The clubs are held as shown to begin with:


Notice how the 3 clubs are all roughly parallel. From this position the club on the foot is kicked upwards, and then both hands let go of their clubs at the same time. For an instant all 3 clubs are in the air.

The club from the top hand is caught in the bottom hand, and the club from the bottom hand goes onto your foot. The kicked-up club is caught by the top hand which should be empty. To continue the trick, just repeat this cycle over and over.

Keep the top hand facing palm up throughout the trick, even when you drop a club. This means that you don't strictly drop the clubs, you actually need to do a tiny upwards throw, so that you can get your hand out of the club's path.