Crossed Arm Juggling

Cross your arms over and juggle the clubs in a cascade or reverse cascade pattern (the latter is a lot easier for most people, even those who can't do the pattern with arms uncrossed).

Hold the clubs near to the knob, otherwise you might find that the handles hit your forearms as you juggle. Ensure that you leave a vertical gap of a few inches between your arms, so that they both have enough room to move. Arm movement will be quite restricted, even with a large gap, and so you should concentrate on making accurate throws which don't require you to stretch.

There are 2 styles in which this trick may be done: you can either keep the clubs pointing straight forwards, or you can angle them inwards for each throw. Using the first method you will find that the clubs don't go very far across your body, forcing you to move your arms a lot to catch. With the second method, the angle of the throw naturally sends the club across to the other side, minimising arm movement and giving the trick a different look.

To transition into this trick from a cascade just make an under arm throw on one side, and then instead of bringing your hand back again, push it further through, leaving your arms crossed over. If you can do Mills Mess then try stopping in mid-pattern with your arms crossed for a few throws, and then continuing the pattern.