We're getting into sequinned waistcoat territory now - this is a real performer's trick because it is very visual and the audience can understand exactly what the juggler is doing and appreciate that it is difficult.

Pirouettes can be done with one, two or all three clubs in the air, and you can turn through 180° or 360° (half- or full-pirouettes). Really the only way to get good at pirouettes is to do lots of them. When I first tried them, even with no juggling involved, it was an awkward movement - I got dizzy and never spun round far enough, it did get better though. The following hints helped me, so I'll pass them on:

Pirouetting with one club in the air is simple enough, just do a high throw to the opposite hand and turn. With two clubs in the air however, the trick looks a bit lop-sided if the throws cross over, a better effect can be achieved by throwing the clubs straight up in columns at the same time so that they go up and down in tandem. Three clubs are usually flashed in cascade throws so they cross over, or in three separate columns.

For extra points try: