Body Cascades

This is a nice idea for a trick that is very easy to learn. In a body cascade there are no throws or catches, the clubs are instead placed in different holds around the body in a cascade pattern. The following pictures will illustrate the most common trick of this type, the armpit cascade:


The clubs are placed with handles pointing forwards and bodies sticking out behind you.

You can also do body cascades in reverse. Using the example illustrated previously, the hands now put the clubs under the same shoulder, and reach across to the opposite side to remove them.

An alternative way of doing an armpit cascade it to drop the clubs down into your empty hand each time, rather than reaching up and taking them.

You can add greatly to the visual appeal of body cascades by turning the carries into swings and wrist circles with the clubs. Experiment with breaking the body plane, large arm circles to the front or back can look very nice.

Other parts of the body can be used instead of your armpits, try holding the clubs between your neck and either shoulder. Tilt your head left or right, and hunch up your shoulders to grip the clubs. This variation is a bit harder than the armpit cascade because you can only hold one club at a time, rather than two. You could take the idea even further by placing each club on top of your head, and allowing it to drop off to the opposite side before being trapped with your neck and shoulder.