Drop to Foot

In this trick a club is dropped vertically, and is caught in a balance on the foot. This can be done either from a cascade, from a nose or club balance, or just dropped from the hand.

It is necessary, of course, to be able to balance a club on your foot before you attempt this trick. Assuming you can do this, try dropping the club vertically from about knee height, raising your foot up to meet the club so that you can cushion its fall. It is very important to have the club vertical as it hits your foot, and for this reason you should try to hold it right at the top as you drop it. If the club is allowed to 'dangle' then it will naturally become vertical, whereas if you grip it with your hand before releasing it, it may lean slightly one way or the other.

Once you have mastered this drop try the same thing from a hand balance, again starting with a short drop and gradually getting larger. Another idea is a foot to foot exchange, i.e. from a balance on one foot flip the club into the air and catch it on the other one, I have yet to see this done, but I am reliably informed that it is possible. You can also try adding a spin to the throw as you drop the club.