The Launch Pad

This trick begins with a club balanced on a club in the right hand, and the third club held in the left hand. The balanced club is flicked up into the air (preferably so that it stays vertical), and then the left hand club is brought over to take its place in a balance until it too is flicked into the air. The clubs are caught in the left hand as they come down, ready to be placed back on the 'launch pad'.


Hold the right hand club (which doesn't move from this hand during the trick) near the middle, this makes accurate placement of the balancing club easier. Once the trick gets going there is hardly any balancing involved - as soon as the left hand lets go of the club the right hand flicks it into the air. You may even wish to keep hold of the club up until the instant it takes off to make things even easier. As you put the clubs in place with your left hand, hold them near the top of the handle, it is tempting to grip them near the knob so that you can feel with your hand when they are in the right position to be launched, but the disadvantage of this approach is that it is harder to keep the club vertical when holding it at the bottom, so your throws will be less precise.

Experiment with different grips and positions for the right hand club, and try launching in different ways too, for example you could place the club horizontally rather than vertically.