Peel Offs

Once you have mastered the previous trick with both hands it is possible to learn a very pleasing sequence known as peel offs. Start with one club held in each hand, and a third balanced on the right hand club as shown, let us label the clubs A, B and C. A peel off involves lifting club B up and quickly placing it on A, then returning the right hand to catch C as it falls:


Continue the sequence by mirroring these movements, lifting the left-hand club up and placing it in a balance on the right.

Here again, the key is rapid and accurate placement of the balancing club. Use the same principals as with Club on a Club: watch the balance as soon as it is in place, don't look away from it to catch the falling club, and hold the clubs high up on the handles or even on the body.

Going back to the diagram - when you lift club B up to place it on A, don't flick C into the air - instead let the lifting motion of B do the work, this makes the trick look much more natural and flowing than if you break it down into flick-balance-flick-balance.

This trick can be made even nicer if you point the clubs across your body rather than forward and back, thus making the whole process more visible to the audience