Reverse Alberts

With Reverse Alberts, as with Alberts, keep both feet flat on the floor and make sure that your legs are straight, but this time lean back and throw a club from behind you, forward between your legs and up to your hand:


Again, reach as far down with your arm as you can and stretch forward so that the wrist can move to make the throw. Try not to twist the torso too much when throwing, you will only have to twist the other way when throwing from the other side. Push your shoulders down and back to help lower your arms.


Most people find Reverse Alberts easier than Alberts when starting off, probably because the throw is similar to an under the leg, however the difficult posture needed to do this trick with every throw makes continuous reverse Alberts a real challenge. My arms are too short is no excuse! Practice with just one club at the start and get used to making the awkward throws. Holding the clubs right at the end is critical.

The last four tricks that I have described go very well together, a nice sequence would be : Under Arms to Alberts to Backcrosses to Reverse Alberts, although I have yet to see it done the whole way through. A more common trick is to do 2 Alberts and then 2 Reverse Alberts over and over.