Under the Leg

The title says it all really, the main problem people have with this trick is co-ordinating the arm and leg movements. Start to lift your leg slightly before you catch the club that will be going under it. As with any juggling trick, if you try to think too much you will drop - eventually the movements will become automatic but at first it can be difficult.


Try to divide your attention between the club that goes under your leg (make sure you give it enough height), and the club you throw straight after it; for example if you throw under your leg with your right hand, make sure the next left hand throw is a good one too. It is very tempting to relax once the hard part (the under the leg throw) is over, and this is a common cause of drops. If you have problems keeping your balance on one leg then try fixing your eyes on a stationary point in the distance and staring at it as you juggle.

I recommend that you try throwing under the 'near' leg to start with (right hand throws under the right leg, left hand under the left leg). Throwing under the far leg is of course possible, but requires you to stretch over a little further with your arm. There are two possible ways to throw the club using this second method - inside the receiving arm or outside it, try them both and see which is easier for you.

If you try continuous leg throws with both hands you have to move quite quickly and kind of jog on the spot to get your legs up in time. Because the legs swap so quickly it will be easier if you don't raise them up very high, but instead reach down with your arms to throw. Bring your legs up good and early for this one, you can't afford to delay the throws by waiting for the clubs to arrive.

As mentioned earlier, a single under the leg throw is a relatively easy trick but there are many variations for those who want something a bit more advanced. Some of the nicer ones include:

Any under the leg tricks look great to an audience when performed with fire torches.