Body Throws

A body throw is any throw that involves a body part in some way, behind the back for example, or under the leg. In general body throws are actually easier with clubs than with balls, assuming that your club juggling is fairly good - you don't have to reach as far over/under/through in order to make the throw because of the clubs handle, you can use its swing to help. In all body throws the club should be held right at the end of the handle, and often just by the knob, this cuts down the distance that you have to reach each time.

The seven stage method for learning tricks that I outlined earlier applies very well to body throws, since they can all be done on every single throw. When using just one hand to make the throws (as in stages 2 to 5), be careful not to change your body/feet position to make things easier, you may find that you do this unconsciously. For example Albert Throws with the right hand are much easier with the right foot further back than the left. This is a bad habit, and although it may seem easier at the time, when you come to try the trick continuously you will have little success. Indeed you may wish to overcompensate for this by standing so as to make the trick harder than it actually is (so for right-handed Alberts, put the right foot in front of the left) and then go back to the correct stance and see the improvement.

Single body throws, in particular under the arm or leg, are amongst the easiest club tricks to learn and are excellent first tricks for the novice, however some body throws when done continuously rank amongst the hardest, with very few jugglers able to do them well.