Barefoot Kick-Ups

These kick-ups are mainly used by club passers because they seem naturally to send the club forward and up, rather than just up, however I include them here because they can be adapted for the solo juggler.

The first and simplest barefoot kick-up requires the club to be lying on the floor with the handle pointing forwards. The juggler places his foot on top of the club, and grips the handle between his big and second toes:


The club is then swung forwards by raising the foot off the ground, and making a slow kicking motion. The rubber knob prevents the club slipping out too early, but eventually its movement will pull it out of the grip and send it into the air

The club sometimes has a tendency to whip round with surprising speed if you kick too vigorously so be careful. It takes a little practice to judge how much to swing the club, and how tightly to grip it, but on the whole this is quite an easy trick and it's perfect for juggling on the beach.

The second variation is altogether more impressive, but requires stronger toes. Start by placing the club on the floor so that the body points forwards. After gripping the handle between the toes as before, kick backwards so that the club goes up into the air behind you and (hopefully) down into your hand. The potential for injuring yourself while practising this is even greater than for the previous trick. All I can say is don't sue me.