Two in One Hand Tricks

Two in one hand with clubs is usually done using double spins. At first using doubles may seem harder than using singles, but after a while most people come to prefer this method. You have much more time to make good throws when using doubles, because the clubs stay in the air longer. If you do want to use singles then make them high and slow, use big arm movements rather than throwing from the wrist, and use columns instead of outward circles.

A common problem with 2 in 1 hand thrown in outward circles (the most usual pattern) is finding the clubs moving inwards with each throw, forcing you to turn in a circle in order to sustain the pattern. If this happens to you then try turning your wrist outwards slightly, so that instead of the clubs pointing straight ahead they go at a slight angle - this makes the throws turn outwards, keeping the clubs away from the centre.

Many people feel that when learning a trick with one hand they should practice it with the other hand as well, to keep things symmetrical. However most jugglers want to keep learning new tricks, and when you have mastered something with one hand there is nothing wrong with moving on to a different trick, and coming back later to polish up the weak hand. You will often find that if you practice a move with only one hand, and then later try it with the other hand you learn it much more quickly the second time around, especially if you leave a period of time between the two in which your juggling in general will have improved. If the last trick that you learnt was with the left hand, then try the next one with the right, this will add variety to your routine and keeps both arms working.