Two in One Hand with Helicopter

In this trick one hand juggles two, and the other swings the third club around your head, passing it through the pattern without collisions:


Outward circles are easiest for the two in one hand pattern, and double spins provide more time to get the third club round. Try this trick with balls first if you don't know the timing for the swing. Aim to pass through the pattern as one club peaks and the other is about to be thrown, this is the point at which there is the largest gap between the clubs. Try just one swing to start with, and aim eventually to make one revolution each time a club is thrown.

Double speed

If you are confident with this trick then try swinging the club through at double speed. Warning - don't try this in a crowded room, collisions can be quite violent! It may take a few attempts to get the timing right, make the first pass as soon as there is room underneath the ascending club and you should be able to fit the second pass in before it comes back down again.