Cross Foot Kick-Up

With this kick-up the club lies the wrong way around on your foot, i.e. body inwards. Trying to kick-up in the usual way from this position would result in an awkward movement, with the foot twisting round anti-clockwise, resulting in a difficult catch. It is easier instead to bring the other foot over in front of you and do the trick with legs crossed as shown:


When standing in this position put all of your weight on the front foot so that you can lift the rear one without any problems. While you are stepping across, bend up the toes of your kick-up foot so that the club doesn't roll off. To make the kick-up, twist your ankle so that your foot turns inwards rather than outwards as for a normal kick-up, i.e. twist it in the 'big toe direction' not the 'little toe direction'.

The handle should be trapped between your shin and your foot as you start to lift upward; keeping your toes bent up throughout the trick might also help. Try to start the kick-up the minute you finish stepping across, this gives the club less chance to roll off your foot. Again think of this trick as a lift rather than a flick - you should be able to raise your foot slowly off the floor and keep the club in position, this is the best way to check your technique.

I don't know of any way of doing this trick without the club touching the ground at some point, and this limits the flow of the move somewhat. There is a nice variation where the juggler walks sideways by crossing and uncrossing his legs, and each time the legs cross a club is kicked up in the manner described above.

If you really want to try 2 club cross foot kick-ups then I suppose you can, just don't let me catch you doing it.