Stamp and Flick-Up

This next trick and the one that follows are great fun, and look really good, however they are absolute demon club-breakers so beware! I bought 9 new clubs and within a month all of them had lost the little rubber bits off the ends as a result of doing these kick-ups. You have been warned.

The idea with this trick is to get a club off the floor and into the air without having to waste time rolling it up onto your foot to make a kick-up. Simply stand on the head of the club with one foot so that it flips over, the body should land on top of your foot allowing you to lift it up into the air. This trick is easiest if the club is lying roughly parallel to the body plane.


The easiest way to learn this is probably to break it down into 3 stages - first flip the club over so it rests on your foot, then adjust its position, then kick it up.