This stylishly named trick makes use of 3 different heights of throw, represented by the numbers 5,3 and 1. A '5' is the throw you would make if you were juggling 5 objects, so it crosses from hand to hand and goes quite high up. A '3' is just a 3 object cascade throw, this will go from one hand to the other, but it will be much lower than a '5'. A '1' is a horizontal shower-like throw going across the bottom of the pattern. If we do single spins for the '3's, and triples for the '5's then the timing should be correct. So the trick goes like this:

  1. Start with 2 clubs in your right hand, and one in your left.
  2. Throw a triple across with your right hand.
  3. Throw a single back with your left hand.
  4. Pass the third club straight across from right to left, underneath the single.

Finish here for now, you should have 2 clubs in your left hand and 1 in your right. Do this a few times to get used to throwing to all the different heights, if you've got the timing right you shouldn't have to rush anything. Notice that the triple is the first throw to be made, and the last one to be caught, the other 2 clubs just swap places underneath it.

Practice this sequence of 3 throws for a while, starting it with the left hand as well as the right. When it feels comfortable, try the complete trick; when done continuously 531 cycles through the following 6 throws:

  1. Right triple
  2. Left single
  3. Right pass
  4. Left triple
  5. Right single
  6. Left pass

If your throws are going to the correct height, the pattern should have a regular left-right rhythm. By far the most common problem with this trick is making the triples too low and/or the singles too high.