Floor Juggling

There are a number of different methods of floor juggling, none are very difficult and they make a nice change of pace in a juggling routine.

The Whirlpool

If you lie a club on the floor and give it a sideways push, you will notice that it rolls round in a circle. You can use this behaviour to enable you to roll two, three or more clubs round in a circle while you sit in the middle. Each time a club appears in front of you, realign it if necessary and send it on its way again:


Floor Cascade

Roll 3 clubs in a cascade pattern in front of you, as shown:


If you point the handles back at yourself, you should never have to reach very far to collect a club. Depending on what kind of clubs you use, you may also be able to do a small bounced cascade, with each club bouncing off the floor once instead of rolling.

Balance Juggling

Keep all 3 clubs balanced upright in front of you on the floor, bodies up and handles down, by adjusting and correcting them in turn, before they fall.

It is easiest to place the clubs in a line in front of you, and to move them by placing your hands flat on top of the clubs, without actually grabbing on to them. The simplest set of hand movements are shown below:


this pattern gives each club a reasonably short time between adjustments, without requiring your arms to cross over. An alternative pattern, in which the hands move simultaneously, can also be used:


There are many other avenues to explore in balance juggling, including patterns where the arms cross and uncross, keeping 4 or 5 clubs going at once and, incorporating carries and other rearrangements into the juggle.