The Three Club Cross-and-Follow

A Cross and Follow is swinging trick involving 2 clubs, which are spun round in figures of 8 in front of the body:


This trick produces a similar effect while juggling. If you can't do this trick with 3 balls then I recommend that you learn it before you start practising with clubs, it will make things much easier. Use double spins for the throws, singles make the trick very fast (but they look amazing), and most people's triples tend not to be accurate enough to be caught with their arms crossed, because you can't reach out very far in this position to catch errant clubs.

Hold the clubs loosely in your hands as you swing them round - holding by the knobs looks good, but makes the throws tricky because you don't have a proper grip on the handle. It is easier to keep a firm grip the handle with your whole hand while you are learning. If you are not familiar with club swinging, and have never done a Cross and Follow with 2 clubs, then it will take longer for you to learn how to keep the movements continuous - but even just watching someone do it will give you an idea of what to aim for.

The stop-start crossing and uncrossing of the arms in the 3-ball version of this trick can be turned into a nice circular swinging movement when clubs are used instead. Although your top arm will stop as it comes down on top of the other one, you can continue the movement by circling with your wrist so that the club's body comes upwards towards you, and then down and away from you in a circle at right angles to the body plane. Once the wrist circle has been completed, lift your arm up again, and begin to swing in the opposite direction.

There is another pattern with a very different feel, but involving the same movements, in which the top hand makes all the throws and catches, not the bottom one.