Floor Bounces

Many types of club, when thrown at the floor, will rebound with enough force to be caught again - doing this is called floor bouncing. Please be warned that this trick is a club-killer if done indiscriminately, some varieties of club are not designed to take this kind of abuse and it's up to you whether you try it with your set, or not.

The 2 most common types of floor bounce are the flat-bounce and the spin-bounce.

Flat Bounce

The flat bounce is the easier but less spectacular of the two. Hold a club in the centre, parallel to the floor, and throw it forcefully downwards. The club should remain horizontal as it descends, and the body and handle should hit the floor simultaneously:


Spin Bounce

The spin bounce takes a little more practice, but looks better and the club usually rebounds further. Throw the club at the floor with enough spin to carry it half way round before it strikes the ground.


Again, try to get the body and handle landing at the same time. The club will bounce back with its spin reversed, and it can be caught like a normal cascade throw. Holding the club near the end of the handle provides more power on the rebound.

I have never seen anyone incorporate floor bounces into a juggle, but I have no doubt that it can be done - try it and see for yourself.