Three Clubs in One Hand

Three clubs in one hand are usually juggled on triple spins, in either an outward circle, or in columns. The first throw is the most difficult, you must keep a tight hold on the other two clubs in your hand whilst releasing it. If you use an outward circle pattern then make sure that you angle each throw outwards a little, as described in the section on 2 in 1 hand, earlier. Try to keep your arm tucked in next to your body while doing this, rather than stretching out for catches, and don't be afraid to move around if you have to.

If you find it easier to do this trick with double spins, then I recommend that you use columns rather than outward circles for your pattern. Columns can be juggled at higher speed than circles, because your hand only has to make a vertical down and up movement between a catch and a throw, rather than carrying the club inwards. To juggle columns faster you just have to make a smaller hand movement, with circles no matter how small you make the up and down action, you still have to carry the club a certain distance inwards before you can throw it. Make the doubles high and slow, and try to keep them pointing straight forwards.

To transition into 3 in 1 hand from a cascade just throw 3 quick doubles or triples, to all land one after the other, on one side of the pattern. Make your cascade pattern as low and fast as possible before doing this. The faster you are juggling, the less time it will take to make the 3 throws, and since you must have thrown the third club before the first one lands, speed is a necessity. Practice this by flashing 3 triples in a cascade pattern, as close to each other as possible, the timing is very similar.