The Three Finger Spin

This trick involves keeping a single club spinning on the fingers of one hand. It can either be done on its own, or while juggling 2 clubs in the other hand. The club spins in a horizontal plane and you should use only the three middle fingers of your hand, the thumb and little finger playing no part. In the right hand the club spins anti-clockwise when viewed from above (clockwise in the left). Position the fingers as shown to start:


The middle finger is usually about 1/3 of the way up from the top of the handle to the fattest part of the body, but if this feels uncomfortable then anywhere between these two points will do. Now remove the index finger and bring it under the club, you should find that the club turns anti-clockwise by virtue of the two remaining fingers. Once the club has turned through 180°, replace the index finger as shown:


From this position the ring finger is moved and the rotation of the club continues:


Simply repeat the sequence to keep the movement going. The principle behind this trick is to 'walk' the fingers up the club towards the bulb, while at the same time allowing them to slip back down the club each time the position changes, in order to keep them in roughly the same place. Notice that the ring and index fingers are always on the same side as each other.

This trick will be hard at first - the best way to learn it is probably just to pick up a club whenever you have a moment spare and play around for a few minutes, prolonged attempts at this can be frustrating. Eventually the trick will require no thought at all and you will be able to increase the speed and improve the appearance of it by resting the club on the very tips of your fingers, rather than by actually gripping it.

As mentioned already, this trick looks good with the other hand juggling two, some other possibilities include: