The Three Club Start

In this trick the juggler holds the three clubs together in a bunch, throws them all into the air at once, catches two of them quickly, and as the third one comes down starts to juggle.

Since one of the clubs must go higher than the other two it is usually given one extra spin - either do a double and two singles, or a triple and two doubles. Position the first two clubs in your hand as shown, and place the third one under them so that the body is sticking out and you only hold the very bottom of the handle over the knob.


Most people find it easier at first to use both hands when holding the clubs in this way, however once you feel comfortable with the throw you may wish to try the one handed version. Regardless of whether you throw with one or with both hands, flick your wrist/s to help separate the clubs. If the top club isn't going high enough then make it stick further out of the bunch next time before throwing, the more it sticks out the higher it will go. Some people find that the two lower clubs knock together while in the air - if this happens to you then try crossing the handles over the opposite way or even not crossing them at all and just lying the clubs side by side:


The third arrangement is very hard to hold in just one hand. Experiment with the different grips, and with different numbers of spins. Once you can do this move confidently, try making the three club start as a behind the back throw or a reverse Albert.