Three Club Tricks

If you can juggle 3 clubs fairly well (let's say about 20 to 30 catches) then you should probably start to learn some tricks, but which are the best ones to start with? The easiest ones are usually those which don't disrupt the cascade pattern too much - the tricks that you can do just once and then carry on as before without changing the rhythm, under the arm or leg for example. Double spins are also good because they are relatively simple and provide good practice for more advanced tricks later on. One final category to explore is tricks where you pause the pattern by placing a club somewhere (between your legs for example), then grab it and continue juggling.

For those jugglers who already know a few club tricks and want to advance, or those who are quite good at 3 or 4 balls but haven't tried clubs that much, I would recommend looking at the tricks you can do already when considering what to try next. If you can do the 'ball on the head trick', for example, then try a few of the club tricks that involve the head; if you are good at double spins then try some 2 in 1 hand patterns.

But above all, never think that trick is too hard, I'll wait a bit before I try it, what's the point in waiting? Juggling should be fun, if you want to try 9 balls then do it!